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About FX64 Drawing Translator

The FX64 Translation Memory Manager is designed to translate Inventor (or AutoCAD) drawings into other languages​​. The program is capable of extracting all relevant elements of text from the drawings. For this purpose, the user can browse individual drawings, or even multiple drawings within a specified folder structure.
The user can define what types of text objects the program searches for.

The found texts are added to a database structure. The tool provides a comfortable, easy to use dialog to translate the texts on your own or export them into a MS Excel spreadsheet.
After the external translation the texts can be easily re-imported into the database.

The program includes utility functions to automatically recognize repeated numerical variables occurring in texts and a function for translating selected texts with Google Translate.
A machine translation is not perfect of course - but in many cases it provides a decent translation approach. The correction of a machine translation is often significantly faster than the manual translation of all texts.

With just a few instructions, the user can then create translated copies of the original drawings in which the text elements are replaced by the translations from the database.
In addition, the Inventor version of the tool contains a function to directly send the translated drawings to FX64 Plot to convert and/or plot the files . 



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